“Diversity in Business” awards

This event took place at June 2014

As part of the “Social Responsibility Day” Maala and The Israeli Forum For Diversity Hiring announced today the winners of first “Diversity in Business” awards.
The awards are given to companies showcasing outstanding investment in diversity and inclusion. The winners are:
Large company award: Strauss-Group
Small-Medium company Award: Babcom
Workers with disability Award:  Aroma espresso bar

“Business in Diversity” awards is a new initiative of Maala and the Israeli forum for diversity hiring who’s goal is to encourage initiatives for diversity in Israeli business. The award aims to serve as a positive incentive and a catalyst for voluntary initiatives of businesses.

Maala believes that the integration and hiring of underrepresented populations is a prerequisite for economic growth, reduction of social gaps in Israel and allows for the rise of new opportunities for business. The large corporations in Israel are able to create a multi cultural hiring environment, integrate different populations in underemployment and by doing so improve levels of socio-economic welfare in the market together with new business opportunities.
In the past few years we are witnessing the development of creative models of screening, recruiting and hiring of underrepresented group in the Israeli Society, while strengthening their business success. The Diversity award aspires to acknowledge such actions and enable mutual learning and maximize the accumulated knowledge in the field.

“Business in Diversity” awards puts an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship with an added value that can be a model for other firms to create a change.